The Stress in the Frequency: Quantum Healing and Cancer

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What is Quantum Healing?

The word “quantum” gets thrown around a lot these days. Surfacing in everything from New Age films, (the dubious The Secret comes to mind), to scientific journals, I’ve begun to wonder what “quantum healing” truly is and how it can legitimately help to heal my cancer.

Nobel Laureate Physicist and linguist Murray Gell-Mann writes, “Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields.”  But what are those “quantum cellular fields” and how do they determine body chemistry?  The word quantum itself derives from the Latin “how great”, “how much”. In 1900, physicist Max Planck gave the name “quantum” to an individual packet of energy, which was a radical break with the long-established idea that energy was emitted or absorbed continuously.

One of the early physicists of quantum theory, Erwin Schrödinger, writes about this field of energy:

What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space. Particles are just schaumkommen (appearances). The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist.

In Indian or Buddhist philosophy, maya is the word used for the appearance of the world, the veil disguising ultimate reality, or the illusion of separation. “Particles of energy are just schaumkommen” says Schrödinger. Everything is just a wave in empty space. No true barrier exists between perceiver and the perceived, so the illusion that there is a barrier is the veil we have thrown over our own eyes. Together, as a whole, the world is given, “only once”.  You and I, as the phenomenologist Merleau-Ponty might say, exist purely in that relationship of appearing, in the perceiving/perceived moment.

Last summer, I was asked yoga teacher Michael Stone on a retreat to memorize a passage from the fourteenth century Zen Buddhist Dogen’s Uji, or Time-Being. In that passage, Dogen writes in a similar way about this phenomenon of appearances:

The way the self arrays itself is the form of the entire world. See each thing in this entire world as a moment of time. Things do not hinder one another, just as moments do not hinder one another. The way-seeking mind arises in this moment. A way-seeking moment arises in this mind.

When I sit and stare at the moon, the moon and I moments in time, waves in space.  Neither hinders the other. In that moment, there is no barrier, and the whole universe arises. A whole system of relationships has occurred, all “variations in the structure of space”, for this moment of the moon and I to happen. Whether those relationships have been fleeting or lasting  – relationships within an environment, society, culture, friendships, family, genetic code, and karma – each has participated in this moment appearing as it is now. Each action and thought has participated for in frequencies of energy to vibrate in a particular way, which contribute to my body appearing in its present state.

Each moment is deeply interconnected. Each one of us is deeply interconnected, perhaps more than we realise.

An experiment called the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment proved this phenomenon of how intricately everything is linked on the quantum level.  Two individuals were introduced to one another and given a few moments to get acquainted superficially.  After a few minutes, the individuals were separated and placed 50 feet apart in Faraday cages, environments that block normal energy frequencies. Once in the cages, the experimenters hooked both subjects to an electroencephalograph, (EFG), a machine that monitors neural activity.  They shone a penlight into one subject’s eyes, but not the other. At the instant they did this, both subjects showed the exact same EFG activity and constriction of their pupils.

Clearly, energy affects the body from a place that is non-physical.  Whilst our bodies are surely affected by a physical environment, abnormal cells may begin in a place that is not physical.  We are affected by a multitude of interactions daily:  exchanges of energy frequencies, relationships both significant and superficial, encounters both physical and non-physical. Illness may begin in this place of relationship, but so might healing happen on a quantum level of energy exchange. When I speak of relationships, I do not mean simply human to human, but of of self to energy, of self to moon, of self to song.  But where does it all start?  At what level do all these relationships fundamentally affect us?

If energy exists on a fundamental level in discrete particles or waves, (or both), then perhaps this quantum level is where everything is occurring – it’s where healing might occur, but it’s also where destructive frequencies might influence us. Reiki and cranio-sacral therapies work on that quantum level, on directing subtle energies in the body/mind to adjust and attune frequencies of illness and injury back to a state of health and balance.  Acupuncture rests in theories of meridians or channels of subtle energy.  Yoga works with nadis or channels of subtle energy called prana. Qi Gong works on similar principles, but that energy is called qi rather than prana.

In the early twentieth century, Royal Raymond Rife investigated this same principle of energy frequencies and resonance and their affect on viruses in the body.  With frequencies of light, he worked on increasing the intensity of a frequency that resonated naturally with viruses until that microbe disintegrated. Just as an intense musical note shatters a wine glass when the molecules of the glass are already oscillating at some harmonic (multiple) of that musical note, intensifying the frequencies of a virus, “shatters” the virus.  Sound healing, repetition of mantra or simply singing songs that heal work on similar principles; they can alter the frequencies of our bodies to resonate with our energy to lift us to higher states of awareness and health.

Unfortunately not all frequencies are health inducing; not all vibrations bring our bodies and minds into elevated states of awareness.

london underground

london underground

How Does Stress Contribute to Illness?

Stress is one of the most common destructive frequencies of energy. But what exactly is “stress”? The dictionary defines stress as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Acute stress is unavoidable.  Work can “very demanding”; tensions in relationships can be challenging just as being stuck in a traffic jam can be an adverse – and stressful – situation. But stress can be chemical too; the presence of toxins in a body can stress the biological system. Sometimes it’s not the demanding situation itself that causes destruction, but those states of mind where the person feels hopeless to alter her adverse circumstances.  Furthermore, when emotional strain, chemical toxin or psychological stress is prolonged for an extended period of time, it can significantly alter the body’s biochemistry. When those “demanding” or “adverse” circumstances are internal rather than external, unconscious rather conscious, unknown rather than known, they can continue for years, steadily sending destructive frequencies throughout the body, without the individual being aware and therefore capable of altering them.

On a cellular level, when exposed to  physical, emotional or chemical stress the body goes into what is called “fight or flight” mode. Immediately the chemistry of the body changes, and it does so for a reason.  Our ancestors, faced with the stress of a confrontation of a wild animal, needed that altered biochemistry to either literally fight or flee from the beast. Glucose rushes into the bloodstream. If not used immediately to run away from a tiger, that glucose stays in the bloodstream.

But it’s not just a rush of glucose that affects the biochemistry of a stressed body.  Stress is controlled in the central nervous system, created through the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, which serves as a central processing unit for the whole brain. It has nerve connections to all parts of the brain and connects the rest of our bodies through hormones released through the pituitary.  It controls:

  1. arterial blood pressure
  2. body temperature
  3. regulation of body water by thirst and kidney function
  4. uterine contractility
  5. breast milk
  6. emotional drives
  7. growth hormone
  8. adrenal glands
  9. thyroid hormone
  10. sex organ function

The famous Japanese immunologist Dr. Toru Abo says that stress-induced immune dysfunction itself causes cancer. Chronic stress increases the output of cortisol, which inhibits several immune pathways.  That can lead to chronic low-grade inflammation that can contribute to cancer cells forming and multiplying. Reduced lymphocytes can inhibit the body from recognizing and destroying those damaged cells.

So how can we cancel our stress at the quantum level? How can we adjust our energy frequencies to attune with songs that heal us?  The last two videos I posted previous to this post contain instructions to simple techniques based on quantum healing.  Energy healing can address unconscious cellular memories, so that we begin to heal ourselves at levels that surgery and drugs can’t possibly reach. In future posts, I’ll share some journeys of hypnosis, mind/body healing and some secrets to freeing the body from its own unconscious destructive patterns.


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